Tips on Travelling to Venice

Tips on Travelling to Venice

Vacation days are coming, have you decided where to go? Here is one of recommended country which you can put into the list of your next destination to spend the holiday. It is Venice. Venice is a city in the north-eastern Italy. If you are a couple which is expecting a romantic place to spend your holiday, this country will match best. As a country which really takes care of its heritage building, Venice is full of the long-standing building. You could find numerous very old and cultural buildings which exist marvelously and they are carried out carefully. Besides, Venice is also known as channel country because of the city consists of 117 small islands which are separated by canals.

Travel To Italy:Venice

One of the famous to do in Venice is Romantic dinner cruise. Considering that this city comprises with many canals, having a dinner on a cruise with your couple becomes the most romantic choices. Besides you are also able to look around and take the sight of much wonderful architectural building surrounding the canals. If you wish more low-priced one, you can choose to take a Gondola. It will be as romantic as dinner cruise. You will be able to enjoy the sight together with your spouse in a boat. It may take about € 20 – 30.

The other alternatives for you who wish cheaper activities to do in Venice; you can pick riding a Vaporetto or Traghetto.Riding a Vaporetto or water bus costs € 7 whereas the Traghetto only costs € 0.50.

In addition to those canals activities, in Venice, you can also spend your holiday on the island. The most visited island is Murano, Torcello, and also Burano. As a world heritage city, Venice has a numerous number of the historical and cultural building which you can visit, such as the Lace Museum, the Glass Museum, Doge’s Palace or Palazzo Ducale, Ca’ Pesaro, and so on. Those are some alternatives that you can choose when having a holiday in Venice. So, have a nice holiday.

3 Top Most Beautiful Places in Amsterdam You Can Visit

3 Top Most Beautiful Places in Amsterdam You Can Visit

Amsterdam, a capital city of Netherland is a comfortable and relaxing city to visit. Amsterdam is known as an art city; it can be seen from several museum of art spreading all over Amsterdam. Let say Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Madame Tussauds, and so on. Besides those museums, there are also a lot of wonderful places that must be visited when you are visiting Amsterdam. These places are outdoor parks so it will be awfully restful for the entire members of the family. You can release your tiredness after taking a stroll around the city. Here are three top most beautiful places in Amsterdam that you should visit.

  1. Vondelpark

Vondelpark is an outdoor area which is adorned by more than 70 various types of roses. Vondelpark is also surrounded by some cafes and restaurants. So, it is easy to have dishes. This park attracts a lot of people to come with its natural view, fresh air and relaxing ambiance. There is also skate rental shop near the park, so you can do a sport at once. In May till September Vondelpark has an Open Air Theatre, which will present such as a festival, jazz, cabaret, and any other program.

  1. Amstelpark

For someone who loves to the beauty of flowers, this park will be the best choice. This is because Amstelpark is fulfilled by many various kinds of flowers. Spending your time in this park maybe could bring back your soul of tranquility. Amstelpark is also a friendly park for children. It has a playground and petting zoo as well.

  1. Westerpark

The last most beautiful place in Amsterdam is Westerpark. This park is located in a western area of Amsterdam. It is a proper and suitable places to just take a stroll, play a skateboarding, and relaxing your day. This park is also usually used for holding cultural events.

Besides those parks there are still plenty of parks that you can visit, they are Rembrandtpark, Park Frankendael, Flevopark, Sarphatipark, and others. Those gardens are available in every time you need to relax your body and indulging your sight.